Greenten Houses OÜ

Founded in 2007, GREENTEC HOUSES is a company engaged in the manufacturing of element and modular structures, and in the design and erection of buildings based on these technologies.

Our structures and buildings are:

Tailored to the customers’ needs

Thanks to standard solutions, our modular and element buildings can be manufactured quickly, and they have good thermal and sound resistance. We also develop special solutions to meet the customers’ requirements.

High quality and environmental friendliness

We use high quality and natural materials and an ecologically planned production process that ensure high quality and environmental friendliness.

Fitting in the environment

The designs of our buildings are well planned. That is why they fit well into environments with different architectural solutions.

At our factory, work is controlled according to a management system which complies with international standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

Over the past 7 years, we have manufactured 300 element houses and delivered them to 10 countries.

At the time being, the main market of Greentec Houses is the Nordic countries where we have exported approximately 90% of our production over the past years.

The customers of Greentec Houses appreciate our high quality, us keeping our promises as well as satisfaction of their desires and needs. We have been a reliable long-time partner to them thanks to our professional service and high quality products.

The production building and office of Greentec Houses are located in Estonia, Harju County, Kose Rural Municipality, Karla Village. We own 8,800 m2 of production land. The factory equipment is manufactured as a local engineering masterwork and is based on western analogues. That makes it one of the most modern factories in Estonia.

Our Mission

To offer your customers high quality and flexible production and construction of modular and element houses at a competitive price. To be as resource-friendly and nature-friendly as possible.


We are looking for distributors for our products in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. We also seek co-operation partners among construction companies and real estate developers to offer our product solutions.

We are able to design and manufacture large and small-scale element and modular construction solutions.

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