Element and modular buildings

We design and manufacture high quality element and modular buildings using our own standard structural solutions. Based on these solutions, we also develop special solutions to meet the customer’s wishes.

Buildings based on element structures:

  • Private houses
  • Apartment houses
  • Cottages
  • Non-residential buildings

Buildings based on modular structures:

  • Barracks
  • Student homes
  • 25 m2 cottages
  • Apartment houses
  • Nursery schools
  • Care homes
  • Kiosks
  • Offices

Why prefer element and modular buildings?

Less time spent
When using element and modular solutions, it is possible to perform several tasks at the same time. As the manufacturing of elements and modules takes place at the factory, it is possible to carry out preparatory works at the building site of the house. These works include, for example, ground works, erection of foundations and construction of utility networks.

Lower costs
The lower the amount of time spent the lower the cost estimate. On average, it takes up to two weeks to erect a detached house from modules or elements. It enables to keep down the costs of construction workers, supervisory staff and insurance. In addition, also material consumption will be optimised to a maximum extent.

The time needed for the use of the building site infrastructure (barracks, fences, cranes and lifts, guarding etc.) will be shorter.

Ensured quality
Elements and modules are produced using standardised solutions. This makes the manufacturing and quality control easier. Special solutions are also based on standard products. This will also ensure high quality in case of more specific structures.

In manufacturing the structures at the factory, the whole process is protected from weather, which in conclusion ensures better quality of the building. Owing to the accurate and specific design of the product, the delivery and use of materials in the manufacturing process will be optimised.

Why choose us?

We offer our customers the best possible service. Our goal is to consider the needs and interests of our customers. To adhere to the promises and deadlines agreed with our customers. To follow all legal and environmental requirements in everything we do. We can ensure all this by using a control system that complies with international standards.

Our demanding customers in the Nordic countries have given their approval to our products. The majority of our products are exported particularly to this region. Quality is ensured by our qualified workforce, by using pre-inspected materials as well as by applying a quality control system that complies with international standards.

Modern equipment
We have installed the most modern equipment at our factory. We have complete control over our work thanks to the optimised and standardised production. From this level, it is perfect to aim at constant development. We are constantly following the challenges of the time by developing new products as well as better and more contemporary solutions.

We also offer our customers transport and installation services for our products. A complete service provided by a single company can be more easily handled and controlled. In addition, it will ensure the best possible result.

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