How are our products manufactured?

Production of element products

First of all, we find out the customer’s needs. Next, product drawings are made according to the project. Depending on the specific project, we order materials (incl. wood*). The wood is cut to measure, provided with cut-ins and marked.

From the manufactured material, elements for plane wood trusses are manufactured on our workbenches. We add boarding, thermal insulation, damp-proofing and wind barrier layers to them. Thereafter, we install flexible casings for the electricity and branch boxes. If necessary, we also nail the lining panels.

Finally, we add windows and pack the final product. Then, we dispatch it to the construction site.

In case of element products, we are focussed on the manufacturing of specific solutions to meet the customer’s wishes.

* We use dried and calibrated wood material. To manufacture bearing trusses, we use strength-sorted (C24) wood.

Production of modular products

We assemble our modular products at the factory using plane elements. These are spatial modules for a building or its part.

We have installed electricity, water supply, heating and ventilation equipment in the modules. Main internal and external finishing is also performed at the factory: tiling of toilet and shower rooms, painting/wallpapering of walls, covering of floors with parquet or PVC-cover. We also install sanitary equipment, luminaires and kitchen furniture.

Our standard construction solutions: